Online Arabic Program is a vital online program and a turning point in the history of teaching Arabic to non-native speakers. The program is a new learning model offered by the Saudi Electronic University to teach the Arabic language. I may go as far as to suggest that the program makes learning Arabic as a foreign language readily available anywhere, anytime, the world over.

Because of a program of such nature, the beauty of the Arabic language is experienced around the globe.

Hand writing on a blackboard in a language class with the text "Arabic" written on it. Some books and school materials.


The Arabic language has played a significant role in preserving human culture. Now spoken in 22 countries by 422 million people it has long been a considerable influence on humanity. It is also a universal language used by more than one and a half billion Muslims around the world, and one of the six languages of the United Nations, celebrated by UNESCO each year.

  1. There has been an increasing demand from speakers of other languages for learning Arabic for various purposes.

  2. There is now an urgent need, in today’s world, for cultural and civilizational communication between Arabs and other peoples around the globe.

  3. At present, there is a lack of a comprehensive and integrated online program in the field of teaching Arabic to non-native speakers that can offer an advanced educational curriculum with placement and standardized tests.

The Saudi Electronic University has taken an important step to meet the demands above by teaching Arabic to non-native speakers, adopting an advanced approach and program by implementing the initiative, a pioneering effort of e-learning of Arabic at both a regional and global level.

Mission: Provide quality education for non-native speakers of Arabic, meet the latest international standards and best practices in learning and teaching languages, through a pioneering online approach.

Our Objectives

1. Meet the needs of the field of teaching Arabic to non-native speakers by providing a comprehensive and integrated online program, presenting an advanced educational curriculum with placement and standardized tests in the most advanced language teaching format.

2. Meet the increasing demand from speakers of other languages for learning the Arabic language.

3. Present Arabic to non-native speakers in its modern standard and functional form, focusing on everyday usage.

4. Present an integrated, interactive and contemporary e-learning of Arabic to speakers of other languages. is therefore not merely an educational program; it is an all-encompassing vision and mission.

Arabic-Online works in association with Saudi Electronic University.


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网络课程 September 2018 沙特阿拉伯 沙特在线

由于它进入建立在互联网上Arabic-Online.net沙特大学的阿拉伯方案的想法看到了一个标准的电子测试旨在衡量非母语的阿拉伯学生,这是见证了来自世界各地的学习需求不断增长的语言能力的需要。 其中一个主要的挑战缺乏一个标准的现代化和全面的测试来衡量阿拉伯学习者像一些基于精确的标准,以实现他们的目标是世界语言标准测试的一般语言能力。 [+]


由于它进入建立在互联网上Arabic-Online.net沙特大学的阿拉伯方案的想法看到了一个标准的电子测试旨在衡量非母语的阿拉伯学生,这是见证了来自世界各地的学习需求不断增长的语言能力的需要。 其中一个主要的挑战缺乏一个标准的现代化和全面的测试来衡量阿拉伯学习者像一些基于精确的标准,以实现他们的目标是世界语言标准测试的一般语言能力。

位于阿拉伯语言标准,该标准是根据准备与国际最佳做法在衡量语言考虑到它这种语言的特殊性的充分性是基于系统DAAD语言的深刻理解,以及在语言教学的全球最新理论有了更深的了解,特别是在测量和评估强度试验等领域。... [-]


网络课程 980 时间 September 2018 沙特阿拉伯 沙特在线

在线阿拉伯语课程是一个至关重要的在线课程,也是向非母语人士教授阿拉伯语的历史转折点。 该方案是沙特电子大学提供的阿拉伯语教学新模式。 [+]







本课程的教学水平是基于欧洲共同语言参考框架。 ... [-]


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