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At Excelsia College Online, we offer world-class degrees grounded in a faith-based learning environment. Our courses prepare students for ethical leadership within educational institutions, so you will graduate with the tools and knowledge to achieve your career goals.

The accelerated learning structure offered at Excelsia College Online delivers a concentrated course timetable, so you have the potential to complete your studies faster than at other universities.

With six enrolment dates throughout the year, you can start your study sooner, rather than waiting for the traditional semester intake.

At Excelsia, our students come from all walks of life

Excelsia College (formerly Wesley Institute) has been offering a high standard of tertiary education since 1983. We partner with Indiana Wesleyan University, which is a pioneer in online education in the US and has more than 95 years of experience in Christian-based education and learning.

With a state-of-the-art campus based in Macquarie Park, Sydney, we are passionate about nurturing our students to grow academically and spiritually throughout their studies, combining the highest standards of lifelong learning with strong ethical values.

TEQSA Accreditation

Our TEQSA-accredited courses encourage students to be both pragmatic and creative. We enable our students to think innovatively, to meet complex issues confidently through the integration of theory, practice and reflection. Our students graduate with skills in critical analysis, evaluation and presentation to implement strategies and deliver exceptional teaching and leadership practice.

We foster a collaborative atmosphere that provides students with a firm foundation, both personally and professionally. The connected network of professionals undertaking our courses share ideas and study discussions that encourage individual learning and faith-based reflection in the workplace and at home.

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网络课程 在职学习 16 个月 January 2018 澳大利亚 澳大利亚在线

作为一个专业的老师,您学会了如何设定目标,为你的学生。 无论他们面对的是一个测试,一个公众表演,主要考核工作,你和他们一起工作的设想,共赢未来。 现在,当你考虑自己的职业目标,Excelsia高校网络都可以帮助你把你与教育部(MED)的硕士下一步。 [+]


作为一个专业的老师,您学会了如何设定目标,为你的学生。 无论他们面对的是一个测试,一个公众表演,主要考核工作,你和他们一起工作的设想,共赢未来。 现在,当你考虑自己的职业目标,Excelsia高校网络都可以帮助你把你与教育部(MED)的硕士下一步。

也许你想磨练自己的技能在课堂上,增加盈利潜力或成为你的专业学习共同体的领导者。 也许你的眼睛是作为主要或课程领导未来的作用。 你希望你的事业采取哪条道路,我们的在线教育学硕士准备为推进专业教育工作者的教育研究,领导和实践的任何区域。... [-]

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